This Brown Bag is Better Than My Husband

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Sorry, Abe.  But I’m absolutely in love with this brown bag by Madewell.

Madewell Zipper Transport Bag

I actually got stopped by a woman at the movies who asked about it.  I responded, “It’s Madewell” – which of course, sounded like, “It’s made well.”  But the truth is – it is!  I’m continually impressed with the design, how it fits my laptop, water bottle, and everything else.  The color goes with almost any outfit.  It stands up by itself.  There’s a zipper on top so I don’t have to worry about everything spilling out.  You can carry it by the handles or sling it over your shoulder.  They make a mini version too – which I’ve seen in person, and am also pretty ga-ga about.

Madewell Bag

And while I’m raving, Herschel makes wonderful bags also, but I’m especially smitten with their wallets.  They’re roomy, doesn’t bulge, and kinda remind me of a pencil case I owned in elementary school.

Herschel Supply Wallet

Don’t worry about my husband.  He helped title this post.