My Favorite Coffee Shops in LA

I don’t even drink coffee, but I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles coffee shops.

Okay, I’m a little late to the National Coffee Day party, but y’all know I don’t even drink the stuff anyway.  I DO, however, spend a lot of time in cafes.  So in honor of INTERNATIONAL coffee day – which, apparently is tomorrow (<—further proof this whole food holiday thing is beyond ridiculous).  Here are my favorite Los Angeles coffee shops (or restaurants/bakeries that serve a great cup of joe).


  • Go Get Em Tiger – If you follow me on social media, you know this is where I go almost every single morning.  I usually pick up something for the coffee drinker (who’s waiting outside with Julius) but my favorite part is talking to the friendly baristas.
  • Coffee + Food – If we’re not walking to Go Get Em, we’re usually walking here.  This is where we shot the Australian portion of Pies Around the World – they’ve got an Aussie theme and really great savory muffins.
  • CoFax Coffee – You don’t come here to whip out your laptop and work.  Just get a breakfast burrito (one of the city’s best) and be on your way.
  • Gjusta – I don’t spend much time on the Westside but if I do, this place is worth the trek (and lack of parking)
  • Playa Provisions – Another Westside Wonder – with parking!
  • Republique – As mentioned in the blog makeover post, I have a lot of morning meetings here.  They open early, the pastry case is no joke, and the view is stunning.
  • Sweet Rose Creamery – Two words: Ice. Cream.
  • Atticus Coffee and Dessert – See above and add the word Pie.
  • Paper or Plastik – Where I come to get work done.  (Warning, everyone else in LA comes here too.)
  • Melrose Place and I freaking loved that show.
  • Coffee Commissary – My buddy Tyler owns this chain.  I have dreams of retiring in Ojai and running a shop for him there.
  • La Mill – I love how versatile this place is – you could come solo, for a date, for a work meeting, for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack.  And they have coffee cocktails!