Podcast 55 – Kathryn Fiore

Podcast interview with actor Kathryn Fiore, who really loves pie.

My 55th podcast guest is a fellow actor/food podcaster, Kathryn Fiore, aka “Kat.”  Kat hosts The Down and Dirty Kitchen with Peter Cambor, who I went to college with.  You should check it out! In this episode, we talk at length about body image in the entertainment industry, the true meaning of health, my fellow podcast guest Autumn Reeser, and Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie.

Kathryn Fiore

In this episode we discuss:

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  1. heyhey

    Hey….i know this is random. But im thinking of starting my own acting blog. Posting videos of characters and monologs and me on set…as all it takes is one pair of eyes from someone high up in the bizz right?? Haha.

    Check out my instagram @screen_time_

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