Noodies – Little Snacks!

What are “Noodies?”

Bubs (Abe’s dearly departed Grandmother) had a lot of words she made up that we still use in our daily vocabulary.  One of my favorites is “Noodies.”

A “noodie” is a goodie that you would nosh on between meals.  It is, essentially, a snack.  Usually something baked that you can eat with your fingers.  It also must be a smaller-than-a-meal serving.  For example, 2 Girl Scout Cookies are a noodie.  An entire sleeve of them is not.  Picking at half a muffin = noodie.  A whole muffin isn’t, it’s breakfast.


I recently enlightened both Anna Gilbert Zupon and Melanie Maras on the concept of “noodies” and they embraced it.  I thought it might make an interesting addition to the blog, since I’m always eating noodies throughout the day but not blogging about them.

Here are some examples of some that I’ve been enjoying lately.

Butter and Soy Sauce Pringles.  A 7-Eleven Taiwan purchase.

Shrimp Pringles

Really amazing homemade Toast + Jam.  I didn’t make either.

Bread and Jam

Seasonal Fruit – I think Bubs would argue with this, but I feel strongly that certain fruits are “noodies” – especially when they’re extra sweet and special in their short availability span.  Apples/Melons are sooooo not noodies, but figs/cherries totally are.

Cherries and Figs

P.S. I’ve been eating nothing BUT noodies all weekend long at LA Times’ The Taste. Follow along on Snapchat (mslynnchen) for a look!

P.P.S. To see Bubs in action, you can watch her as the star of one of our fake wedding trailers, Grandmamma’s Boy.