Guisados West Hollywood

Guisados West Hollywood – where to take your out of town guests in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles wins at Mexican food.  I’m sorry New York City, but when I lived in Astoria for seven years, I did not understand the tacos there.  East coast Mexican just pales in comparison to this side of the country.  So of course, when Abe’s parents arrive from Philadelphia, we take them to Guisados.


This is the newly-opened West Hollywood branch – you may remember our last visit to Guisados Echo Park.  This space is small…


…but still has the same amazing food!  Abe loves their vegetarian options – Hongos con Cilantro (mushroom) and Frijoles con Queso (black refried beans).  In fact, he waits 20 minutes after polishing his first two tacos to order two more.

IMG_8839 IMG_8841

For those who are overwhelmed by their menu, just order the sampler.  That’s what Abe’s father David gets – it’s perfect when you want to try everything!

I always stick to my favorite, which is the Chicken Mole Poblano.  Mole sauce is the reason I fell in love with Mexican food in Los Angeles.  I mean, it’s chocolate in a savory sauce.  Life doesn’t get any better than this!



“Everyone is overwhelmingly impressed.” – Wendy Forman (my mother-in-law), who doesn’t even like corn tortillas.


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  1. Viola Pastuszyn

    Not saying it’s your MIL’s reason, but I thought I hated corn tortillas till I had some fresh, REAL, corn tortillas. Wow – it’s the difference between a cup of crushed ice and a cup of the most amazing ice cream. Sure, they share the word “ice” in common but that’s pretty much it.

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