Vegetable Ice Cream

Fennel Ice Cream?  Yes, we are making vegetable ice cream with Salt and Straw.

Tis the season again…when I eat ice cream all day long.  I’ve teamed up with my favorite scoop shop, Salt and Straw, for another BuzzFeed Video about ice cream – this time it’s vegetable ice cream!Salt and Straw Ice Cream We began our journey at the Larchmont store, where I sampled some more “conventional” flavors like Birthday Cake + Blackberries… Salt and Straw Ice Cream …and Meyer Lemon Buttermilk + Blueberries. Salt and Straw Ice Cream Then, I went back into their Los Angeles kitchen with Tyler Malek to create some Vegetable Flavors for August’s menu.

@saltandstraw’s kitchens, turning vegetables into ice cream #buzzfeedvideo #icecreamveggies #hairnetAbe A photo posted by Lynn Chen (@actorsdiet) on

Here’s a sneak peek – labeled by yours truly…

Green Fennel and Maple Ice Cream


Video: Can You Ice Cream Vegetables with Salt and Straw




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  1. wearenotmartha

    Green fennel and maple sounds SO good! I made a blueberry kale ice cream that was seriously delicious!


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