How to Break in Birkenstocks

I went through high school listening to Phish and The Grateful Dead, living in my Navy Blue Birkenstocks.  They are truly the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. For some reason, I mysteriously never photograph myself wearing them, and they also disappear in college.

As my musical tastes shift, they become a part of me I had to hide – NOT COOL in the hip hop/riot grrrl circles.  But once I graduate, I don’t care what other people think anymore, and I want them back.  BUT THEY ARE GONE.   I don’t know if they are stolen, or if my mom throws them out, but I know I would never part with them voluntarily.

how to break in birkenstocks

I remember scrimping/saving my lunch money/allowance to buy them myself.  Birks weren’t cheap then, and they aren’t now.  I’ve gone through several pairs as an adult (even one that was free) and have never been able to stand the pain long enough to break them in.  I wonder if it is all a hallucination.  Do I have a lower pain threshold in my feet?  Did I just imagine they were comfortable?  Did I have tougher feet as a kid?  I don’t trust all the fashion bloggers wearing them, because let’s face it – fashion bloggers also voluntarily wear high heels, and I do not.

Well, the time finally came where I actually NEED to find the most comfortable pair of sandals again.  And I decide to take the chance and commit to the time/$$$ to find out if Birkenstocks were really them.

(This is the part of the post where I change the subject and make a random huge announcement.)


I’ve been hinting at this for some time now, but waiting until everything was final so I can make the announcement.  So here goes.  The Taiwan Tourism Board is sponsoring me on a media trip!  I’m going with a group, which includes Abe, and there will be a ton of exciting posts, Instagram pictures, and YouTube Videos to share.

(Back to this blog post.)

I buy the Arizona Soft Footbed Style, and am taking a few weeks breaking them in by walking in them everywhere.  Socks look stupid, but they help. And now…I’m happy to report they are ready for Taiwan.  And so am I.

P.S. Do not buy the thong Birks unless you enjoy blisters between your toes.  And definitely spend the extra money for a soft footbed.


7 thoughts on “How to Break in Birkenstocks

  1. Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    Eek that is so exciting!!!!! I hope you have the most amazing time.

    And I have been wondering if they were as comfy as I remember, too. Now I’m thinking I should get a new pair……

  2. Alissa

    Yay, Lynn, that is awesome! I thought that might have been what you were hinting at… 😉

    I have the world’s crappiest feet, and hate shoe shopping…but maybe I’ll give the birks another shot. I found that the supportive parts in the footbed were in the wrong places, if that makes any sense?! Maybe that’s normal, and that “breaks in”?

    1. Lynn Chen

      Thanks Alissa! I never found a problem with the actual footbed itself – they just gave me blisters – so I’m hesitant to say to try them, even after you’ve broken them in!

  3. Lez

    Whoa! How exciting! Your trip is going to be so much fun! =D
    I also wear Birks and just don’t care about what other people think. Not sure if you’re keen on DSW, but I get my Birks from there… and I was able to snag $20 Birks from TJ Maxx—SCORE!

  4. joyo

    Just tromped all over Europe in my Birks and they were GREAT. Hope yours do well by you! What an exciting trip!

  5. Courtney Hong

    congrats on the tour! look forward to the posts. i’ve always wanted to visit Taiwan for the eats. when will you leave and return? on a somewhat related note, i’ve watched the predictable but addictive Taiwanese romance drama “in time with you” (not usually into drama series).

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