Happy Hour in Hollywood at 9 on Vine

Happy Hour at the Hollywood Bar, 9 on Vine.

9 on Vine, gets its name from its nine owners.  It recently took over the M Bar space in Hollywood.  We are invited in to check out the space, just south of the Arclight – and Abe’s BuzzFeed office!

9 on Vine

At night they have everything from bands to comedians to DJ’s; we come in at 5pm…

9 on Vine…for Happy Hour!
Bar Citrus

I’m bringing some alcohol-lovers.

Drinking buddies 🍻

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Abe has a beer, while Sam/John get cocktails off their specialty menu – a Paloma and a Negroni. Paloma We order a bunch of food to share – though I mostly stick to this grilled chicken salad, which is actually really good! Chicken Salad Sliders – both BBQ Chicken and Veggie (grilled mushrooms/peppers)… Sliders …fried pickles with chili aioli… Pickle Chips PIckle Chips …perfect garlic fries and sriracha ketchup… Garlic Fries …a burger with the entire world on it – Chorizo, Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce… Burger …and Fresh, Grilled Pineapple. Grilled Pineapple

Other than the 🍍, this is nowhere near a veggie burger. A photo posted by Lynn Chen (@actorsdiet) on

There are tacos too – these are chicken and they come three to an order – with homemade salsa. Chicken Taco For dessert, we are brought out their Fiji Vanilla… Ice Cream and Apples …Caramelized Apples with Ice Cream and Candied Almonds… Ice Cream and Apples …plus a very cake-y Chocolate Brownie with Fudge and Walnuts. Brownie

I can’t wait to come back for Karaoke Night…


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  1. Evi Aki

    I think the 9 on Vine is great for drinks and hanging out with friends, but their food leaves A LOT to be desired for. I’ve been there twice and just can’t get past how sub par the food is.

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