Pies Around the World for BuzzFeed

I’m getting really familiar with the Los Angeles Pie Scene.  When you think of pie, is this what you think of?  A fruit-filled pastry, like the Apple Crumble at The Pie Hole?

Apple PieOr is it savory, like these Australian Meat Pies from Coffee + Food?  These are actually chicken pot pies.
Australian Meat Pie

Abe and I decide to tackle pies in our latest BuzzFeed video – we did sandwiches, we did noodles…and as I learned in this video, things get complicated when it comes to pie.

I mean this guy from Stella Barra is one of my favorite pizza pies…but isn’t it just pizza?

Vegan Pizza

And this quiche (from The Trails Cafe) is incredible…but would anyone be okay calling it “savory egg custard pie?”


Spinach Pie = Pie?  The version at John’s Kebab certainly wasn’t baked in a pie plate.


And Beijing Pie House’s “Pies” are…I mean….I’m Chinese, but THIS IS NOT PIE.  I will say, though, that these vegetarian delights are incredible.

Beijing Pie House

Anyhoo.  Here’s the video – watch, and you can help me figure out – which country makes the best pie – or maybe the question should be, which country’s “pie” is an actual “pie?”

Video: Pies Around the World


One thought on “Pies Around the World for BuzzFeed

  1. Tamara

    Oh wow, those all look amazing. I want them all! My first thought when someone mentions “pie” is probably a dessert-type one. Peach or cherry or coconut cream are my favorites in that category. BUT… right now I’m craving a meat pie after those delicious pics.

    I don’t really think of pizza or quiche as “pies,” either, but I love them and I’m flexible. PS: those Beijing pies are on my list of things to try someday. Yum!!

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