Pok Pok Phat Thai LA

I do love Portland, but I am not a fan of rain.  Lucky for me, some of the city’s best (Salt & Straw, Quin Candy) have been coming to Los Angeles lately!  Pok Pok Phat Thai is located in Chinatown, next to Scoops and Chego.  We actually visited a few weeks ago, right before Abe went to film Brother Orange.  (By the way, it’s our 12th Wedding Anniversary today!)

Pok Pok LAPok Pok Los AngelesPok Pok Los Angeles There is plenty of heat, not that I needed any…
Pok Pok Thai

…I almost choked on the red chili pepper in my Phat Phak Buung Muu…

Pok Pok Thai

…ordered vegetarian-style with tofu instead of pork.

Thai Food

We also took the meat out of Abe’s order  – Phat Sii Ew with rice noodles, Chinese Broccoli, Egg, and Black Soy Sauce.

Pok Pok ThaiThe food is good – but not any better than the Thai I can get closer to me, like Jitlada, Sapp Coffee House, and Ruen Pair.  No wings on this menu, either – too bad!!!

Pok Pok Thai


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