An Evening at Eveleigh

Christy Meyers and I have a tradition of celebrating our birthdays when it’s not our birthdays.  We actually meet up on Abe’s special day, while he is in China, on the gorgeous back patio at Eveleigh.

Eveleigh Bread

You have to order this bread/butter off the menu, but it’s worth every bite!

Bread and Butter Eveleigh

We also share a Pickle Plate…

Pickle Platter

…Chilled Broccolini and Tokyo Turnips…

Vegetables at Eveleigh

…Lamb Meatballs with Gouda Snow…
Lamb Meatballs

…Wheatberry and Lentil Salad.  With Kale, Goat Yogurt, Almonds, Toasted Sunflower, and Apples…

Wheatberry Salad Eveleigh

…Brussels Sprouts…

Brussels Sprouts

…and Anchovies.


Everything is delightful (aside from the fish, which wasn’t really our thing). Especially this Orange Olive Oil Cake with Creme Fraiche Sorbet…

Orange Olive Oil Cake

…ordered in Abe’s/Brother Orange’s honor and sang to me.

Orange Olive Oil Cake

Such an enchanting night. I’d definitely recommend it as a place to bring someone special (or remember someone you love.)


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