The Story of Brother Orange

…is actually a complicated one.  I feel like you can get a better sense of who/what Brother Orange is via straight from the horse’s mouth…

Brother Orange Buzzed

…all this blog post is going to tell you is that my dear husband Abe has been documenting the whole thing over in China for the last week and a half…

Brother Orange BuzzFeed


Here’s proof that he’s thinking of me, though…

Chinese Wife Cakes

…while enjoying authentic Chinese food…

Brother Orange Brother Orange

…and capturing some amazing things.

Brother Orange

You’ll see his BuzzFeed video at some point, explaining the whole adventure much better than I ever could.  Happy to have him home, of course, though he’s become a little bit of a celebrity – don’t know if he’ll ever look at me the same again.


3 thoughts on “The Story of Brother Orange

  1. Wendy Lee

    Thanks, Lynn, for providing these great photos and commentary! Sounds like a wonderful whirlwind. Glad he’s home safe and sound. Love the Wife Cakes.

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