The Albright – Santa Monica Pier

Want to take a mini vacation?  I was invited to Santa Monica Pier for a free lunch at the newly renovated/renamed seafood restaurant, The Albright.

Santa Monica Pier

The Albright

The Albright

My Aunt Heidi was my date…she did most of the menu sampling.
BeerBeer Battered Fish Tacos, served with jasmine rice and black beans…
Fish Tacos

…a Chopped Salad with Chicken…

Chicken Salad The Albright…Freshly Steamed Lobster with Corn on the Cob and Potato Salad.

I ate my crustacean in salad-form – Southwestern Style (without tortilla chips) with corn, tomato, black beans, and avocado on romaine…

Lobster Salad

…plus a bite of perfectly seared Salmon, with arugula pesto, brown rice, plum tomato, and summer beans.


THIS IS NOT your average tourist trap.  If you find yourself on the pier, grab a seat here.
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