Inside Out Writers BBQ Donation Party

A BBQ donation party for Inside Out Writers Thrift Store in Los Angeles.

My friend Anna Gilbert Zupon’s dad, Gary Gilbert, volunteers and teaches at Inside Out Writers, whose mission is “to reduce the juvenile recidivism rate by providing a range of services that evolves to meet the needs of currently and formerly incarcerated youth and young adults.”  It’s a great place for writers to volunteer in Los Angeles.


They’re opening a thrift store, so we all brought our gently used items for donation.  We finally got rid of all the appliances we never use – someone is getting a waffle maker AND an ice cream maker.  SCORE!


Gary and his family put out a lovely BBQ!


Here’s Anna with some hot dogs…


…even Abe, the vegetarian, got his hands dirty.


On the menu – Beer, Brats, Bourbon Bacon Baked Beans…

IMG_1353 …and other things that don’t start with the letter B.  Like this beautiful coleslaw with red cabbage, white cabbage, and carrots.  Look how big Rudy the golden retriever is in the background!

The Gilberts are the most generous people.  I’m pretty sure the entire neighborhood of Larchmont Village came out to help support this event.  For more info about Inside Out Writers, including how to volunteer and get involved, please visit their website.