Compartes Chocolate Melrose Place

Compartes Chocolate on Melrose Place.  The place to get all your chocolate gifts.

Are you ready for some Chocolate?  Compartes Chocolate is opening on Melrose Place!




Say that with your Oprah voice, because Compartes is one of her Favorite Things.  And now, it’s one of mine too.


Jonathan Compartes and I have been Instagram buddies for a while now.  Usually his chocolates are too far away for me to eat on a regular basis, but not anymore.  I was invited to check out a preview of the new shop on Melrose Place (inside Alfred Coffee) and it’s glorious!


IMG_0693 IMG_0695

I want to have a bowl of these Love Nuts in my house at all times.


A bowl of Cereal Bowl too.


This Ginger Cookie was filled (and I mean STUFFED) with his Black Magic Dark Chocolate Bar.  Mind blowing.  Pastries will change weekly, baked by Gjelina’s pastry chef, Nicole Rucker.


I bought a few bars home to give as gifts.  And to eat as breakfast.


Congrats, Jonathan!  The new Melrose Place shop opens today – you can also visit the Brentwood store, or order his genius online.


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  1. Courtney Hong

    you look fabulous, Lynn! which are your favorite chocolates and do you know if the donuts & coffee one is available for purchase online?

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