Sandwiches Around the World

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my own Epcot Center of Sandwiches – from England…DSCN6626

…to Vietnam…


…to Sweden…

DSCN6707 DSCN6704

…and Mexico.


Of course, I’m Taiwanese so I had to sneak one of those in too – though I’m not sure it’s “technically” a “sandwich.”  All for my latest BuzzFeed video with Abe!

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3 thoughts on “Sandwiches Around the World

  1. jamela lin

    I screamed when i saw Shao Bing You Taio and our flag! WOOHOO!!! I love Taiwanese breakfasts, they’re the absoloute best!!!! proud to be half Taiwanese~You’re gorgeous by the way:)

  2. Courtney Hong

    that skagen looks incredible! and the cemita looks… wow! those were impressive bites and you may be the only one i know who looks great while eating sandwiches. you hit up many SGV spots i’m familiar with, including huge tree pastry. 🙂

  3. Jessica van Dop DeJesus

    That Swedish sandwich looks to die for! That style sandwich is popular throughout northern Europe as well such as Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark. My favorite spot for them: Simonis in The Hauge.

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