Vegan Sunday – Crossroads Kitchen Brunch

A hosted brunch at Crossroads Kitchen.

I’ve visited Crossroads several times for lunch, but my favorite vegetarian has never been.  We wound up going twice last week – on Thursday night with Mark/Jen/Franny/Finn, and again on Sunday for the Crossroads Kitchen brunch.

The food is definitely more photogenic this time of day (I posted dinner pix from their new fall menu on all my social media pages).


Tofu, Kale, Mushroom “Bacon,” Almond Ricotta that they stuff into a Vegan Croissant.  It comes with a creamy Truffle Sauce…


…”Chicken” and waffles…


…it is from Gardein, and UN-FUCKING BELIEVABLE.  Pardon my French, but it is the moistest, most succulent piece of poultry (that isn’t).


My buddy Eddie Lin agrees – if you’ve heard our podcast interview, you know he’s a hardcore carnivore.   He and Stephanie Kordan are at the table behind us – I photograph their Vegan Benedict, but don’t have any.


We order dessert, too – coming soon in a separate post!

This meal was hosted.  Visit Crossroads’ official site for more information.