Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park.

If you’ve driven to LAX, you’ve probably passed those lovely oil rigs on La Cienega.  Well, right next door is a little urban oasis – Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park.  No relation to one of my favorite actresses, Kathryn Hahn.




It isn’t the biggest park, but you can spend a nice 10-20 minute stroll around the trees and the brook.  There are also fish for the fisherpeople…


…playgrounds for the kids…


…and geese.


Geese frighten me.  When I was a kid one tried to bite me.  Or maybe that’s a dream,.  At any rate, whenever I see geese, I run!




3 thoughts on “Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park

  1. Allie @ sweetpotatobites

    I used to live right near this park and never went! Looks like it’s pretty decent in size.

  2. Courtney Hong

    Kathryn Hahn! She was great in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – one of my favorite movies. Why do geese frighten you?

    1. Lynn Chen

      They’re so much more aggressive than ducks! I think I had a traumatic experience feeding one as a kid that I’ve managed to block out.

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