LA Drought: Be Water Wise

Dealing with the LA Drought with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Be Water Wise Campaign.

It’s a problem.  A big problem.  When I am first approached to attend a presentation at The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California about the current conservation efforts, I don’t think there will be a place on my blog for it.   But I am curious – the current LA drought is one of the worst in California’s history.  And I want to learn more about how I could help.  I admit, I rarely think about how much water I use.  Not only from the faucet directly, but in the clothes I wear, the makeup I smear on my face, the food I take pictures of and eat…



…it is enlightening to hear about where Los Angeles’ water comes from, and what we can do to preserve our reserves.  You better believe it felt awkward eating this sandwich out of this plastic container while we are talking about all of this.  There are a multitude of resources on their official conservation site – but I also learned a lot about landscaping alternatives from G3 Garden Group.


You know how when you’re trying to save money, you stop buying $6 lattes and brew your own cup of coffee?  I’m going to make an effort to reduce my water footprint.  By not washing my car, living without fresh cut flowers, and washing my clothes less often.  Plus, eating less broccoli/walnuts (CA crops that use a lot of water).  And finally, taking shorter showers/zero baths (this cute shower timer should help out with that).  It may seem small, but little changes add up.


You can find out more information – including Gardening Guides, Water Savings Incentive Programs/Rebate information.  Visit and share what you’ve learned with all of your friends, families, and neighbors!