Vital Juice

Juice Samples from Vital Juice Company.

When Christy Meyers and I started T.A.D. in 2009, one of the first media outlets to feature us was (the now defunct) Vital Juice Daily.  I’ve been cleaning up the blog pages in anticipation for an upcoming site makeover, and when I click on that link to that article, it takes me directly to Vital Juice Company.  That’s the same stuff sitting in my fridge!


They are actually sending me a variety of juices to sample.  Flavors like Beet, Carrot, and Citrus.  I’m not into juice cleanses, but this is probably what you would want to use for one.  They do not add any sweeteners – not even the natural stuff like agave or honey.


I ask specifically for the ones that they blend with almond milk, since juice isn’t really my thing.  Psychologically, I need to feel like what I’m consuming is going to keep me satisfied, if I’m not going to be chewing it.



Surprisingly, this little bottle keeps me full for a good 2-3 hours!  When it’s hot out (as it’s been lately in Los Angeles) I’m not often in the mood to eat (anything other than ice cream from Salt and Straw that is).  So this is a good snack substitute.


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