Tori Amos at The Greek Theatre

Tori Amos at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

We went to see Tori Amos.  I spent all of 1993-1995 obsessed with this woman – she got me through some really dark days – but it was my first time hearing her live.  (For those of you wondering how to avoid the horrific stacked parking/traffic at The Greek Theatre, UBER UBER UBER.  And walk.)


(I wept uncontrollably.)


I just recorded a podcast with Ki Hong Lee, who’s going to be in the new Maze Runner film.  Subscribe to iTunes to listen before I post here.


I bought this new Marc Jacobs iPhone case because my last one (plastic) broke after 3 weeks.  For about 5 seconds I thought it looked ridiculous, but I quickly got over that.  It’s sturdy, it won’t break, I always find my phone, and the home screen button (the problem with my last iPhone) can’t get dirty.  Because it’s covered by giant, green dog ears!!!  I adore it.


Quinoa/beet/parmesan salad.  I made it for book club at Taryn Southern’s, took home the leftovers, and have been eating it for days.


Uploaded some old pieces I wrote about that tumultuous time period over at Medium – what a great site!  And speaking of stories, Autumn Reeser just featured me in her latest Move Lifestyle post – 6 Summer Reads for Smart Girls.


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  1. Amy

    I discovered Tori in 1992 during my first year of college & too was completely obsessed for many years…still am. I was lucky to see her in concert a few times…glad to hear she’s still kicking around!

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