Pretty Pretty Cuisinart Knives

This knife set is a free gift from Cuisinart.

I got some Cuisinart Knives in the mail – they make some really colorful ones!  They’re made from Stainless Steel, with a non-stick color coating.  I like that each of the knives are different colors, so you reduce the risk of cross-contaminating your raw meat and vegetables.


This is the 12-piece Advantage Knife.  It’s really SIX, with matching blade guards.  The kit comes with an 8 inch Slicing Knife, 8 inch Bread Knife, 7 inch Santoku Knife, 6.5 inch Utility Knife, and 3.5 inch Paring Knife.


This morning I am using the little paring knife for a strawberries and cottage cheese breakfast…


…and as a snack, I’m using the big one to cut through this melon like buttah.  But to be fair, this is an especially ripe melon.



UPDATE: As I’m using these knives more and more over, I don’t think that I would recommend them.  They become dull rather quickly and don’t feel that comfortable in my hand.  But you will definitely see me using them in cooking videos and photos, because they’re so freaking pretty!


2 thoughts on “Pretty Pretty Cuisinart Knives

  1. Kaity

    Hi Lynn! Are these really ceramic knives? I got excited by the post and tried to find them on Amazon, but could only find these:

    It looks like the Amazon knives are what you have, with the orange knife being different from the ceramic knife of the same size on the Cuisinart website (it looks green on their site). The box pictured in your post even says they are stainless steel, so I think they are different. Thoughts?

    Excited about your new Instagram account =) I love reading about all your food finds!

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