Pressed Juicery

It’s the last day of The Labor Day Block Party. Perfect day to check out the newly opened Pressed Juicery on Larchmont, who recently sent me a gift certificate.


The space is small, but the menu is quite large.



Friendly service…


…free samples, too! I tried a sip of blueberry coconut pear, which was refreshing and delicious…


…Abe drank the rest of the bottle; I chose to chew my fruit at The Farmer’s Market – a ton of samples, plus more that we bought (and I plan to snack on).


Going to cool down with The Taste’s evening event. Enjoy your Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Pressed Juicery

  1. Emily

    I love Pressed! I had no idea they were opening a Larchmont location. I go to the one in Sherman Oaks pretty frequently (much to my wallet’s dismay). I highly recommend their flavored almond milks- they’re like dessert!

  2. One More Bite

    Totally addicted to Greens 2 & trying to shift myself to Greens 1 (less sweet) – makes it so much easier / tastier for a lazy person to get my veggies in!

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