Golden Road Brewing

When we first moved to Los Angeles, Abe and I really couldn’t understand why there isn’t a Bohemian Hall Beer Garden like the one we have in Astoria.  I don’t even drink alcohol, but I do miss getting together with friends on a beautiful afternoon and hanging around a picnic table.  Today we discover there IS a place, thanks to the birthday girl, Emily Chang!  It’s called Golden Road Brewing.


Golden Road is a brewery and restaurant in Glendale right by the railroad tracks.  We actually brought their beer from Whole Foods to yesterday’s BBQ.



Similar to owner Tony Yanow’s other restaurants (Mohawk Bend + Tony’s Darts Away) the winning combo is booze…





…and vegan-friendly food.



I have several sweet potato tater tots dipped in honey mustard…


…a few hunks of Bavarian Pretzel, dipped in Pimento “Cheese”…


…and a whole bunch of Abe’s french fries.



A bite of his Risotto and Barley Veggie Burger too.


I order the Vegan Oreo Cheesecake…


…which is good, but teeny.  No Crumbs cupcakes for me…


…or beer, obviously.



6 thoughts on “Golden Road Brewing

  1. Shell Lewis

    I love that place! I like to go after work sometimes for a Grilled Cheese (which is so good) and their “Point the Way IPA”!

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      I was eyeing the grilled cheese! At least, the one on the kiddies menu…

  2. Eboni

    Lynn, this brewery has been number one on my to do list since I arrived! I went to a brewery in Austin and my inner monologue was “this is awesome, but get to golden road, get to golden road!”

  3. Brigid

    I really want to take X there. He loves beer, and we really enjoy Tony’s other two establishments.

  4. Emily

    The “Why is there no LA equivalent to the Beer Garden in Astoria” question is something I asked myself daily until this weekend! I used to live across the street from there, and spend many a fun Tuesday night drinking pilsener with my Greek and Eastern European neighbors.
    I also wonder if there’s an equivalent to Crif Dogs, with the Ms. Pacman and the tater tots. My favorite from Golden Road’s menu was the big pretzel!

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