Just One of the Guys

Wednesday began with my usual melon, but the rest of the day was all about the dude food…


…I actually dislike assigning gender roles to anything, but this WAS a Cliff Bar I took from Jeff’s stash (when I was at their place dropping off some cookies)…


…and later on, I totally crashed Abe’s Night Out with the Boyz at Biergarten.


Decided to steer clear of any more sausage (will be getting plenty of that when in Germany with Edie Sedgwick)…


…ordered the Peanut Butter Sliders…


…which come with an onion ring and lemon citrus peanut butter…


…they were really good, but surprisingly, not nearly peanut butter-y enough! I was hoping for an experience like the last time I saw Jake – remember those Peanut Butter and Jelly Fries from Tony’s Darts Away?!?


(I swear, I’m done writing the word “peanut butter.”)

Moving on to the potato salad – which had a wasabi kick…only had a bite of that and gave the rest to Abe.


Also traded one of my burgers for a few handfuls of extra-extra-crispy Sweet Potato fries…



…and a bite of Nick’s Kimchi Pancake.



Those were crazy spicy, as was this Tofu Udon Stir Fry…


…which I had 2 servings of, as well.


Tonight it’s all about the ladies – BOOK CLUB!!! Speaking of which, Michelle, Sheetal, and I are organizing a live online video chat to talk with fans about Nice Girls Crew on November 1st. Check my Facebook Acting Page for updates!


3 thoughts on “Just One of the Guys

  1. vanillasugarblog

    those bars have been in the news for having mold on them. i posted a link about it in one of my friday link round ups.
    be careful eating those!

  2. Lisa

    I love Biergarten’s interesting twist on Korean food and their selection of beer. I don’t drink beer much but I loved their fruity beers. 🙂

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