Princess Lynn

As evidenced by my last big vacation, I’m a Disney freak. You know how everyone gets their dream dress?

I AM FINALLY A DISNEY PRINCESS – Michelle Hebert is my fairy Godmother!!! This stunning creation is everything I’ve ever wanted from a gown – and it’s just the sample…


…long sleeves for when I get cold, stomach room for all my eating needs, and a sexy slit so I can pose like Angelina Jolie on the red carpet!


That dress will be finished for this year’s SDAFF Gala, where I’m presenting an award…


…the one below is another one she’s letting me borrow, for the Yes We’re Open Screening/After Party.

DSCN1379 DSCN1378

Michelle is seriously one of the most talented, sweetest people I’ve ever met. Check out her website and Facebook!


Onto yesterday’s eats…there was a lot of running around and suddenly realizing I was hungry. These Wheat Thins Toasted Chips are tasty – definite essence of the original, but different enough so that you’re not like “Why not just buy a box of Wheat Thins?”


For dinner, I had more Kale Salad with Vanilla Yogurt Dressing…


…no meat/coconut chips this time, but I did smear a piece of baguette from Chaya in TJ’s eggplant hummus. (Yes, I take the bread basket home and freeze it. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were also frugal/thrifty!)  Just me and my trusty animal sidekick.  Abe was co-producing post-debate coverage, which aired live on The Huffington Post front page!!!


I ate the last 2 Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts with Frozen Peaches while watching his segments.  Couldn’t have been prouder of my Prince Charming.


15 thoughts on “Princess Lynn

  1. Emily

    Both dresses are absolutely gorgeous! LOVE the low back on the second one.

    I hope you’re having a lovely week (:

  2. Caitlin

    The dress she is making you is princess like indeed! But the one you are borrowing for the event..hubba hubba! Hottie!

  3. Susan

    Lynn you look stunning! It’s great to have the perfect dress. I’m obsessed with the black one that you are borrowing. You are right, Michelle is very talented.

    I’m starting to obsess over macademia nuts with chocolate…ritter’s makes a bar that is to die for!

  4. Vegyogini

    How cool to have a gown custom-created for you! And I LOVE the backless dress you get to borrow…stunning.

  5. Marie

    Love the dresses, each very different and special and so flattering!! You and your hubby have exciting jobs!!

  6. Anna Freedman

    Absolutely lovely, Lynn!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product! That material is absoultely dreamy!

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