Trail to Temecula

First post with the new Nikon CoolPix P310 Camera! So far I like it just as much as my Canon S95.


Emily and Alex are getting married tonight, so we’ve been on the road…


…the iOS6 Maps SUCK!!!! We wound up using Abe’s iPhone (which hasn’t been updated yet) to navigate.


We split a Montreal bagel with peanut butter and strawberry jam…


…I had a plum, too.


A few rest stops along the way – my favorite part about road trips!



When the Thirst Oasis presents itself, you answer the call! This was a ginormous Diet Dr. Pepper.


Also sampled these Special K Cracker Chips…


…Abe said they tasted like Munchos. Either way, I don’t think I’ll buy another bag – waaaaay to salty.


Finally, we reached our destination…


…had no idea Temecula had such a heavy Western theme…


…even witnessed a shooting!


No time to explore places like this – we’ve got a wedding to go to!!!



4 thoughts on “Trail to Temecula

  1. Cindy

    Is this the Coolpix that has a panoramic feature? Had a company camera several months ago with that. Cool feature.

    Happy travels.

  2. Teresapalooza!!

    Temecula is lovely! I went for a film festival a few years back and loved the area. Just know if you do any wine tasting, I found most of the wine quite under-whelming – only one drinkable wine among all I tasted! 🙁

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      someone at the wedding tonight wondered if temecula has a film festival – i was able to confirm from this comment that they do!

  3. Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count

    The rest stops are Always the best part of our road trips too! You can find such strange and unique things at them. I’ll be interested to hear how the new camera is working. These shots look great. The problem with mine is that it is VERY slow to take the photo if you’re in low light, even with the flash on. I’ll look forward to seeing how the Coolpix works for you in that situation. Enjoy the wedding!!

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