The Actor’s Diet Podcast


Guys, I’ve started a podcast!!!  I’m pretty excited, because The Actor’s Diet actually began as a show back in the day.  I’m delighted to return to my roots and share discussions with some of my favorite people – some old friends, and some I’ll be getting to know better solely through interviews.

Much like this blog, it will have everything to do with actors and food, and sometimes it will have NOTHING to do with it.  I’m still figuring it out, but I’d love your support – listen on Stitcher or subscribe on iTunes and help the show find an audience by rating it/writing a review!

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, I’ll be announcing ways for you to try out free stuff/attend food events and appear on the show – I would also love to hear from you!  Feel free to send feedback/voice recordings to actorsdiet(at)



  1. Paul Gilmartin 
  2. Eboni Booth
  3. Jamie Chung
  4. Helenna Santos-Levy
  5. Phil Yu + Hourie Sahakian
  6. Tzi Ma
  7. Bryce Johnson
  8. Amanda Jane Cooper
  9. Dave Boyle
  10. Evan Kleiman
  11. Tamlyn Tomita
  12. Janet Varney
  13. Jenn Wong
  14. Zach Brooks
  15. Autumn Reeser
  16. Jeremy Howard
  17. Jeff Mahin
  18. Michelle Krusiec
  19. Eddie Lin
  20. Corey Brill and Joy Osmanski
  21. Listener Feedback
  22. Morgan Chen
  23. Leslie Durso
  24. Jerilyn Blair
  25. Lisa Lee + Brian Yang
  26. Theresa Yu-Ping Teng Chen (my mom)
  27. Christy Meyers
  28. Randall Park
  29. Rachelle Wood
  30. Jordan Belfi
  31. Peter Porte
  32. Mason Currey
  33. Nastassia Johnson
  34. 5 Years of Blogging
  35. Edward Hong
  36. Ki Hong Lee
  37. Aida Mollenkamp

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