Photo by An Rong Xu

The Actor’s Diet actually began as a podcast back in the day.  I’m delighted to return to my roots and share discussions with some of my favorite people – some old friends, and some I’ll be getting to know better solely through these interviews.

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  1. Paul Gilmartin (Actor, Comedian, The Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast)
  2. Eboni Booth (Actor)
  3. Jamie Chung (Actor, Blogger)
  4. Helenna Santos-Levy (Actor, Ms. In the Biz)
  5. Phil Yu + Hourie Sahakian (Angry Asian Man + Baker)
  6. Tzi Ma (Actor)
  7. Bryce Johnson (Actor)
  8. Amanda Jane Cooper (Actor)
  9. Dave Boyle (Film Director)
  10. Evan Kleiman (Chef, KCRW’s Good Food)
  11. Tamlyn Tomita (Actor)
  12. Janet Varney (Actor, The JV Club Podcast)
  13. Jenn Wong (Actor, Move Life Style)
  14. Zach Brooks (Midtown Lunch, Food is the New Rock Podcast)
  15. Autumn Reeser (Actor, Move Life Style)
  16. Jeremy Howard (Actor)
  17. Jeff Mahin (Chef)
  18. Michelle Krusiec (Actor)
  19. Eddie Lin (Deep End Dining)
  20. Corey Brill and Joy Osmanski (Actors)
  21. Listener Feedback
  22. Morgan Chen (Musician, Brother)
  23. Leslie Durso (Vegan Chef, Food Host)
  24. Jerilyn Blair (The Because Show)
  25. Lisa Lee (Fellow Thick Dumpling Skin Founder) + Brian Yang (Actor, Producer)
  26. Theresa Yu-Ping Teng Chen (Opera Singer, My Mother)
  27. Christy Meyers (Actor, How to Chow Nutritionist)
  28. Randall Park (Actor)
  29. Rachelle Wood (Actor, Model)
  30. Jordan Belfi (Actor)
  31. Peter Porte (Actor)
  32. Mason Currey (Author)
  33. Nastassia Johnson (Let Me Eat Cake)
  34. 5 Years of Blogging
  35. Edward Hong (Actor)
  36. Ki Hong Lee (Actor)
  37. Aida Mollenkamp (Chef, Food Host)
  38. Emily Chang (Actor)
  39. Jeff Meacham (Actor, Open Sky Fitness Podcast)
  40. Ariel Kaye (Parachute Bedding)
  41. Roxana Jullapat (Pastry Chef)
  42. Sandra Oh (Actor)
  43. Melanie Maras (Writer, Performer)
  44. Billy Green (Wit and Vinegar)
  45. Roy Choi (Chef)
  46. Anna Gilbert Zupon (Yogi)
  47. Joy Cho (Oh Joy!)
  48. Kit Rich (Kit Rich Fitness)
  49. Johnny Skourtis (Actor, Comedian)
  50. Kulap Vilaysack (Actor, Director, Podcaster)
  51. Amelia Morris (Writer)
  52. Jenny Yang (Comedian, Writer)
  53. David Greenwald (Psychologist, Father-in-Law)
  54. Dwayne Perkins (Comedian, Actor, Writer)
  55. Kathryn Fiore (Actor, Podcaster)
  56. Whitney Adams (Wine Expert, On-Camera Host, Writer)
  57. Dawn McCoy (Beauty Blogger, Host, Actor, Voiceover Artist)
  58. Lily Diamond (Kale and Caramel)
  59. Stephanie Kordan (The Sensual Foodie)
  60. Lisa Lee (Thick Dumpling Skin)
  61. Parry Shen (Actor)
  62. Kelsey Miller (Author, Refinery 29’s The Anti-Diet Project)
  63. Lisa Ling (Award-winning Journalist)
  64. Elizabeth Hendrickson (Actor)
  65. Mickey Sumner (Actor)
  66. Andie Mitchell (NY Times Bestselling Author)
  67. Nick Hoffa (Actor, Acting Teacher)
  68. Katie Joy Horwitch (Writer, Artist, Activist)
  69. Gaby Dalkin (What’s Gaby Cooking)
  70. Brittany Ishibashi (Actor)
  71. Kristin Guy (Dine x Design)
  72. Grant Melton (The Rachael Ray Show)
  73. Ming Tsai (Award-winning Chef, TV Host)
  74. Hilah Johnson (YouTube Star, Cookbook Author)
  75. Nick Jandl (Actor)