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Vampire Weekend

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It was a fun weekend.  But an intense, tiring, sleep-depriving, body-wrenching weekend.  SDAFF is always one of my favorite events (201020112012) – I did a quick one-day trip to San Diego for the Gala…


Michelle Hebert’s stunning dress was, as usual, the main subject on the red carpet (<—click for more pictures).  I ate a fancy dinner, presented an award to the amazing Anna Akana


…woke up early the next morning, scarfed down a Yogurt Parfait/Pumpkin Muffin from The Patio on Goldfinch

IMG_1178 …got home, forced myself to nap, scarfed down breakfast/dinner, then woke up at midnight to film our next BuzzFeed video.

These experiences have been wonderful, but unfortunately, not easy on my body.  I threw my back out again!  As you may remember, I’ve had problems before so I’m hoping I’ll make it to Wednesday Night’s Saving Face Screening.

I think I need to cancel some stuff from the agenda and take it easy.  I’m like an episode of Too Many Cooks!  Which, by the way, is a perfect thing to watch if you’re not moving like me.

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Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

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Oh, take me back to Ojai!!!  Here’s the magical place we stayed – The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.  Situated on a golf course…



…with majestic grounds and many pools.  My tip – go to the spa one if you want shade/quiet!


I didn’t actually utilize any of the spa services or classes…


…mostly we hung out in here.



This is one of the Wallace Neff Rooms, which includes a wonderful view of the mountains…


…two free drinks in the evening, and complimentary breakfast.


I ordered an Egg White Omelet with Kale/Shrooms/Tomatoes, while Abe got the Granola and Yogurt Breakfast.


The unexpected winner was the salsa!


Stayed indoors; it was a bit too warm during our trip to be outside…


…though there are plenty of interesting places for that too.


If you’ve been to Ojai, what are your favorite places to stay?  We plan on coming back in November; loved this hotel, obviously, but it’s a bit $$$.