The Ube Ube Shake

July 28, 2014

Abe and I were on a writing deadline, so this weekend has been all business… …quick muesli (<—click for recipe) and a stop by M Cafe’s BBQ celebration… …we also squeezed in two movies for motivation, and when we finished Sunday night – a celebration! Oinkster’s Ube Shake – actually stronger in Coconut Ice Cream flavor. […]

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July 3, 2014

Larabar makes Granola now! Actually, it’s grain-free, so they’re calling it “Renola.”  Which makes me sing the Ricola song in my head every time I open a sample…probably not their intention. I prefer more clumps, personally – but who knows if that’s even possible with a vegan granola… …ordinarily this plum would’ve gone on top, […]

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An Apple Chip a Year

June 23, 2014

Worked over the weekend – can’t share what, but I got to meet Ian Chen, who’s starring in Randall’s show Fresh off the Boat! My usual breakfast burrito – which I talk about in the podcast interview with Jordan Belfi… …another set staple – Yogurt-Covered Pretzels + Trail Mix. More snacks awaited at home – […]

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Department of Sweet Diversions

June 18, 2014

I’ve been dying for some fancy jam to make my own fancy toast at home – so of course I was intrigued by Department of Sweet Diversions… …they make small batches from local farmers market fruit, with interesting additions like Grand Marnier, Acacia Honey, Ginger, and Dark French Chocolate. I’ve been swirling this Strawberry (which […]

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Limeade Yogurt Popsicles

May 16, 2014

Pardon my French, but it’s been Hotter than the Devil’s Dick in LA. I decided to use one of Baking Bites’ non-oven recipes for Lemonade Yogurt Popsicles… …except I used limes. (Yes, I know there’s a shortage – I blame Abe and his most recent flavor tripping party for the most expensive homemade popsicles ever.) The recipe […]

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