yes we’re open

Yes, We’re Closed

May 16, 2011

I can’t believe how quickly the shoot for “Yes We’re Open” went – it feels like just yesterday that I arrived in San Francisco for my wardrobe fitting and table read!!! There’s way too much to recap from the last three weeks (search the archives from April 24th, 2011 through May 14th to follow all […]

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Wrap and Roll

May 14, 2011

We are officially pictured wrapped on “Yes We’re Open” The last day of shooting was bananas; filmed one of our most emotional scenes (and longest – almost 6 pages!!!) for hours, stopping for snacks and an impromptu music recording session H.P. Mendoza (our screenwriter) is also an accomplished composer and wrote an entire song for […]

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Day 16 of 16

May 13, 2011

Final day on “Yes We’re Open” I’ll miss having all my clothes planned, pressed, and coordinated for me… …and having my hair/makeup professionally done by Carlen (who blogged about the products she used on me here) Urvi took the picture above (and I snapped the one of her below) – she was a constant presence, […]

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Green Apple

May 13, 2011

Thursday was the 2nd to last day of filming “Yes We’re Open.” We’re getting crazy now! It was our final time waiting for the sun to go down for exterior night shots. After we finished the bathroom scene above (which did NOT actually entail eating Whale Tails in the shower) we enjoyed our last takeout […]

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I’ll Tell You What’s Playing at the Roxie

May 12, 2011

Here’s part two of yesterday’s shoot – probably our most challenging one yet! We filmed some scenes in a cab, which, as you can imagine, is not as simple as it seems. Lots of things are out of your control – the angle of the sun, traffic, no camera operator…. But even more unmanageable was […]

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