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Yes, We’re Closed


I can’t believe how quickly the shoot for “Yes We’re Open” went – it feels like just yesterday that I arrived in San Francisco for my wardrobe fitting and table read!!!

There’s way too much to recap from the last three weeks (search the archives from April 24th, 2011 through May 14th to follow all my filming/foodie adventures) but below are some of my favorite posts.

“Attending” not just one, but two weddings

Pretending to be stoned

Shooting Drama at the Farmers Market…

…and more at The Roxie

Makeup Genius Carlen (and her covering scars/bruises trick)

Filming the “intimate” stuff – some easy, some not

Sex and food were definitely the themes of this shoot!

Numerous dinner party scenes

Scarfing down all the donations for in front of and behind the camera

Discovering new places to eat in San Francisco

and shop

But of course the best part was working (and playing) with very talented friends – both old and new

The movie now goes into post-production – you’ll hear a lot less about “Yes We’re Open” on this blog, but if you become a facebook fan or twitter follower, you can stay up-to-date on everything happening!

Wrap and Roll

acting - dessert

We are officially pictured wrapped on “Yes We’re Open:(

The last day of shooting was bananas; filmed one of our most emotional scenes (and longest – almost 6 pages!!!) for hours, stopping for snacks and an impromptu music recording session

H.P. Mendoza (our screenwriter) is also an accomplished composer and wrote an entire song for the ending credits in just one day!!! Our plan was to shoot a music video at the karaoke wrap party, so Parry and I laid down our vocals first.

“Lunch” at 7:30pm – BURRITOS!!! I felt like I didn’t eat nearly enough Mexican food these last 3 weeks (just 1/2 of one) so I requested them for our final meal.

Fell apart fast but hit the spot – I had a grilled chicken with rice, beans, veggies

Plus a plate of chips/salsa and a piece of cheese quesadilla

Once we wrapped, the rest of the night was all about sugar!!!

Mini cupcakes with a quote from the movie

The aforementioned H.P. with director Rich, and some “special” sweets from Hot Cookie

GAWD these chocolate coconut concoctions were amazing (tasted like Girl Scout Samoas).

Everyone just kept biting parts off – I ate about three testicles, a pair of breasts, and an entire torso over the course of the evening

The cupcakes came karaoking with us as well….

I had one of each flavor around 2am

We took over Festa Lounge! Not only did everyone else there wonder just what in the world we were doing when Parry and I went up to film/sing the ending credits sequence, but my hair/makeup artist Carlen brought the house down (as you can see in this 20 second clip, where she’s backed up by one of the film’s stars, Kerry)

I went to bed at 4am and woke up at 9, feeling sore everywhere – my throat, my body – I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol and can’t imagine how everyone else feels this morning!

Day 16 of 16

acting - sandwich

Final day on “Yes We’re Open:(

I’ll miss having all my clothes planned, pressed, and coordinated for me…

…and having my hair/makeup professionally done by Carlen (who blogged about the products she used on me here)

Urvi took the picture above (and I snapped the one of her below) – she was a constant presence, driving us everywhere we needed to be, and is already gone!

I’ll miss all the cast/crew….

I’ll miss the gift of getting to act every single day. This role is a great one and I can’t wait for you all to see the movie once it’s done (that won’t be for a while, though).

Today I started off with sugar. 1/2 a chocolate chip muffin, some brownie, and a Clementine with green tea.

I have to say, I won’t miss eating takeout and snacks all the time. I’m so ready for my stove, my microwave, and all my boring homecooked meals again!