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Mrs. A Hanoi Pho

Usually, the names of pho places in LA turn me off.  This one definitely intrigued me.  I had a great time in Hanoi when I was in Vietnam.  I wanted to know more about this Mrs. A. Located in Torrance, it’s not exactly around the corner… …but it happened to be near where my Mom/Aunt were staying! We were all

We are Pho-mily

I’m slowly adjusting to colder weather, but apparently it’s warm for DC right now. I hope the transition to Germany isn’t too harsh! Warm noodle soup me, please… …walked over to Pho 14 for dinner before band rehearsal. I ordered the chicken, with extra veggies… …added some basil, bean sprouts, lime… …and Sriracha + dark sauce the waiter described as