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Tweats of the Week


For those of you who follow us on twitter, you know that we retweet what other actors eat or write about food – the good, the bad…all of it.  Here’s some highlights from this past week:

lisaloeb4real: Come eat lunch w/ me!Lisa Loeb tweetup at 1:30pm @ City Winery, 155 Varick @ Vandam NYC.

JimGaffigan: I get it. It’s a shake…with caffeine! Now I can stay up later being fat! http://yfrog.com/62zbkj

wcruz73: Stepped on the scale after 5 days in Hawaii convinced I gained 10 pounds… I lost 3! WTF???

ShannonElizab: My veggies from Jean George in Aria….yummy! http://twitpic.com/1sy4mx

ElizabethBanks: …Ate my weight in food this wkend. So much for a bikini-ready summer bod. Does anyone really get one of those?

ConanOBrien: What’s your favorite Memorial Day memory? Mine is eating a jar and a half of sweet relish and then playing frisbee…

paulapoundstone: I ate so much butter tonight, I got an intervention from The Poppin’ Fresh Doughboy.

Kellie_Martin: Week Four: Eat Your Greens – No really, we mean it…. http://tumblr.com/xqgas695e

SherriEShepherd: Just found this new place “Hummus Kitchen” at 768 9th Ave (@51st) – its so creamy! …

debimazar: I once had dinner with Julie Newmar..She ordered Catfish!

AliciaSilv: my mean smoothie… http://bit.ly/cXyJXm

Jaime_King: Just ate sliders, fried calamari, fried chicken and honey and fried bread at f-ing 1 in the morning here in Austin…

LouDPhillips: Made a great seared, marinated tuna steak 2nite! Watercress salad on the side…. Bikini here I come!

Ali_Sweeney: Wine tasting in Napa today. http://tweetphoto.com/24240736

jumblejim: How do Germans stay alive? Had omelette w/4 kg of salt, quart of oil, and bread w/a butter cube the size of 6 dice…

ddlovato: Colombia for breakfast, Peru for lunch, and Brazil for dinner… Except I was only fed two countries ago..

OfficialAudrina: Just took a wheatgrass shot and body well!!… I love the health bar

Tweats of the Week


For those of you who follow us on twitter, you know that we retweet what other actors eat or write about food – the good, the bad…all of it.  Here’s some highlights from this past week:

emmyrossum: Ate so much GOOD & PLENTY candy from the old-fashion candy shop that now I’m up at 5am w/ a stomach ache….

ParisHilton: Dinner at Gemma was fantastic! The food there is delicious! …

michaelianblack: I just made cheeseburgers on the grill & then picked the burnt American cheese off the grate & ate it because I’m disgusting.

NiaVardalos: burp, just ate a salad bigger than my head.

kayascollywogs: curled up on the sofa with my cat watching arnold schwarzenegger in Eraser,eating chicken pie and rice…

debimazar: Will cook tonight “Nutella Souffle” using a recipe from The Official untranslated Book.Want Some? http://moby.to/me3kl5

KristinCav: Guava doesn’t get enough credit

ShannonElizab: …now it’s a birthday dinner for @OfficialMBallas-now we can EAT! Woohoo!! http://twitpic.com/1quj9t

greggrunberg: Just had a GREAT meal at a little place called La Finestra in Tarzana, CA. Wow! Great Italian food. Just FYI.

OfficialAudrina: Lucky charms and blueberry muffin for b-fast!! Sooo good

elizadushku: I’ll take payment in Wendy’s Spicy Chipotle Bonless Wings.

KimKardashian: I want a mint oreo so badly…Please talk me out of it

AndyMilonakis: I waited an 1 1/2 hours to get this box of Dharma Mac & Cheese,…mine was signed by Sawyer http://twitpic.com/1qkcra

dannymasterson: The guy who told me last night that shake shack burger is better than corner bistro is a filthy liar…

oliviamunn: Tiny cupcakes make me happy. If I eat 10- that equals just one regular one, right?

moonfrye: Sunday brunch after picking up goodies from the farmers market! http://ning.it/a50zFX

torianddean: Did anyone see that Yoplait Yogurt just came out with Red Velvet? OMG! Too excited!

ItsChelseaStaub: I’m having donuts for dinner. If they weren’t good for you, they would call them “DO-NOTS.”

CindyCrawford: ….Rande’s new restaurant–Cafe Habana–opens in Malibu on Thursday!

JimGaffigan: Blue cheese is like the blue cheese of cheese.

THEsaragilbert: Why do I eat ketchup that’s been in the fridge for months but I won’t look at tomato sauce after a few days…

tomhanks: I TOLD you we ate in The Lunch Box. The whole crew. Hanx http://twitpic.com/1puoyb

Equill: Crap, the sushi had MSG, or they got it from the Gulf because I am sleepy…or poisoned, but tiiiirrreeeddd

Kellie_Martin: Making dinner: fresh tomato soup, greens w/ carrot, ginger, miso dressing, & asparagus lasagna….

LouDPhillips: Kabobs, grilled asparagus, butter lettuce salad, sauteed shrooms…Simp http://twitpic.com/1p1rvv

Ali_Sweeney: grr. I’m so hungry but I do NOT want to waste my calorie count on the crappy airplane food.

Tweats of the Week


For those of you who follow us on twitter, you know that we retweet what other actors eat or write about food – the good, the bad…all of it.  Here’s some highlights from this past week:

OfficialAudrina: …My dinner consists or kettle chips and organic dried apples! Everything is closed here

jeremypiven: Complaining about the food at the movie theater is like critiquing the acting in a porn.

AliciaSilv: so last night on set i had a veggie burger from burger king -cuz it was the only thing around that i could eat…

rosemcgowan: Went 2 see movie in Bulgaria. Interesting nacho/popcorn option at the concession stand…. http://yfrog.com/0ptxgqj

JimGaffigan: Is it possible to say Worcestershire Sauce and not sound like you need to take a breathalyzer?

JudahWorldChamp: I eat brunch Tuesdays at 7pm.

TarynSouthern: Just made penne pasta with roasted brussel sprouts, spinach, and pine nuts. Thinking chez @jaime_king would like this …

k8_walsh: Ahhh, it’s sunday and the world smells like bacon.

TheMandyMoore: Dear Nola- seriously, with the food?? I may never leave. :)

wcruz73: I have a few weaknesses, but high on that list macaronni and cheese!

michaelianblack: Would the portobello mushroom be as popular if it was called “giant ground fungus?”

oliviamunn: Is it wrong to eat a burger after food poisoning? Cause I was told DC has the best and now I really want one….

KimKardashian: That cinnabun smell at the airport gets me everytime :-(

candacecbure: Fried chix, pot pie, biscuits, mshd potato, & some ridiculously good desserts 4 lunch …Glad I’m not wearing a leotard…

SofiaVergara: With friends at dinner at Stanton Social. Fuuuuunnnn http://tweetphoto.com/22056650

levarburton: Treating myself to Sushi at my favorite spot… http://twitpic.com/1n8jw0

paulfeig: If I put a hot dog in a taco shell, is that considered inventive or just misguided? ‘Cause they really fit perfectly.

Busyphilipps25: Microwaves freak me out. Maybe it actually SHOULDN’T be that easy and quick to heat food up.

LouDPhillips: Roasting a Turkey breast 2nite after searing it in bacon grease. The usual Simon & Garfunkle herbs…

PadmaLakshmi: Testing out recipe’s in my new line of bakeware- Bacon wrapped beef brisket phase one! http://twitpic.com/1nq1nj

AndyMilonakis: I’m sitting on my frozen smuckers uncrustables, I hope it hatches soon.

JulietteLewis: Great meal after two flights 12 hrs. http://twitpic.com/1nn81a

tomhanks: Backlot Kettlecorn at lunch. Must be Larry Crowne! Thanx, Chef Robert. Hanx http://twitpic.com/1nrwj4