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Sugar Tooth Fairy

Now that I’m on this diet, I haven’t really eaten a cookie/cake/pastry/chocolate/etc. in 1.5 months, and I’m no longer craving sweets.  I’m having an identity crisis. I mean, I’m the sugar monster.  I never pass up a piece of anything dotted in frosting.  I know more bakers than artists at the Grammy Awards <—who WERE those people?!? I do miss


Islands recently gifted me with a certificate; I’ve been saving it – and at the end of last week, definitely needed a “vacation.” Picked Abe up from work, and headed to Burbank. We wolfed down a plate of cheese fries.  Why are their cheese fries so epic? Barely had room for our entrees – Grilled Veggie Tacos… …with grilled peppers, onion,

O Happy Hour

Things that made me happy yesterday: Winning an awesome giveaway (and hosting one too)… …having two auditions (and running into Sammy!!!) Not so happy-making? (Stupid, stupid, stupid.) Well, at least I saved $$$ on my amazing dinner! Red O recently launched their Happy Hour from 4-6pm Tuesday through Saturdays, and I was invited for a media tasting. Nothing off the