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O Happy Hour

Things that made me happy yesterday: Winning an awesome giveaway (and hosting one too)… ‚Ķhaving two auditions (and running into Sammy!!!) Not so happy-making? (Stupid, stupid, stupid.) Well, at least I saved $$$ on my amazing dinner! Red O recently launched their Happy Hour from 4-6pm Tuesday through Saturdays, and I was invited for a media tasting. Nothing off the

The Apothecary

“The Apothecary” is a new Young Adult novel written by Maile Meloy that’s been getting rave reviews – Abe’s already read (and loved) it – think “Harry Potter” meets John le Carré We celebrated the book’s release yesterday – couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who was there: Been wanting to try Cool Haus for years, but have never

Man and Goddess

I love you, Man(Pans) These are eco-friendly nonstick pans that are free of toxic coatings (like the ones found in Teflon) Oven and broiler safe, with a stay-cool handle – and CRAZY lightweight I’ve tried other “green cookware” before but have found them to be either too heavy (like my cast iron skillet), not non-stick enough, or difficult to clean.