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Tacos!  I LOVE TACOS. These three are from Guisados – probably my favorite place to eat them in LA – but there are so many I have never tried… …luckily there is one event where I can do some actual research… …LA Weekly’s 3rd Annual Tacolandia!  80 Top Taco Vendors curated by Bill Esparza – presale tickets are going on

The Albright

Want to take a mini vacation? I was invited to Santa Monica Pier to check out the newly renovated/renamed seafood restaurant, The Albright. My Aunt Heidi was my date…she did most of the menu sampling. Beer Battered Fish Tacos, served with jasmine rice and black beans… …a Chopped Salad with Chicken… …Freshly Steamed Lobster with Corn on the Cob and Potato