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Recipe: Apple Pie in a Bag

Another easy recipe from the #QinLA event, hosted by Weber GrillsĀ and PopChips! As I mentioned in the video, this was my sweet take on the Frito Pie, inspired by PopChips’ newest flavor, Cinnamon Twist Sweet Potato (which won’t be in stores until September). After some brown sugar and a short trip to the Q Grill… …this is what the dessert

This Burger Saves Lives

So my cousins Maya/Noah recently graduated from high school/college… …and Noah already got a job, doing cancer research!  We celebrated his last month of freedom at Pono Burger.  Yes, two burger posts in a row – who am I?!?  Although none of these were actually consumed by me. We were treated to the items on their Spring/Summer Menu… …I ordered the