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Crazy Sexy Cool

I’m so excited about this TLC cover!!! Jane Lui is a mad genius. A beautiful. musical mess was made. Green Tea Kit Kats that Tamlyn brought… …I ate two packets, and the rest of this platter (plus a little more fruit) over the rest of Sunday. Monday morning I finished up the last pint of strawberries + cottage cheese…. …with

Red Red Waffles

Back in March I stumbled upon Bruxie and fell in love. They were kind enough to send me a little thank-you package, which included a gift card to return to any of their five locations. Since I just drove to the original with Eboni on Monday, I decided to visit a different spot – their newest one – in Huntington

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

I see the next installment of Nice Girls Crew… …where “Leena,” “Sophie,” and “Geraldine” go back to school! Speaking at Stanford with Michelle, Sheetal, and Tanuj was incredible… …and so was our legendary moderator, Jeff Chang. After the class, we headed over to Harmony House for more fun… \ …Mexican food… …and sweets! The cupcakes were a very generous gift