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Life is about to get totally bonkers!!! Testing Testing #dyingtokill A photo posted by Lynn Chen (@mslynnchen) on Apr 4, 2015 at 4:32pm PDT Dying to Kill finally starts shooting this week, followed by my continuing secret 6-month shoot, then Parachute Kids (<—we are almost at our reach goal!).  Abe is on the crazy train too with Brother Orange coming to America, and Julius is pissed

Bling Melon

My evening honeydew shot was inspired by Sofia Coppola – we just saw her new movie… …really enjoyed that, and also this Strawberry Zevia – some of their flavors I’m not very into (Cola comes to mind) but this one’s pretty good. (I found it at Whole Foods.) For dessert, a Blueberry Greek FroYo Bar… …some fresh figs, dates, and

Stop and Smell the Magnolia Avenue

The rumors you hear are true – nobody walks in LA. This morning I ate half a melon, then drove to Burbank and decided to strut around Magnolia Avenue, a street I often drive past for auditions, but never stop and explore. Parked outside of Porto’s, turned on one of my favorite podcasts, and kept my eyes open. Some interesting-looking