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Bling Melon

My evening honeydew shot was inspired by Sofia Coppola – we just saw her new movie… …really enjoyed that, and also this Strawberry Zevia – some of their flavors I’m not very into (Cola comes to mind) but this one’s pretty good. (I found it at Whole Foods.) For dessert, a Blueberry Greek FroYo Bar… …some fresh figs, dates, and

Stop and Smell the Magnolia Avenue

The rumors you hear are true – nobody walks in LA. This morning I ate half a melon, then drove to Burbank and decided to strut around Magnolia Avenue, a street I often drive past for auditions, but never stop and explore. Parked outside of Porto’s, turned on one of my favorite podcasts, and kept my eyes open. Some interesting-looking

How Bella Got Her Groove Back

Actually, it’s Julius who’s been sick (and is feeling better) but I couldn’t resist this post’s title. We so rarely get to see our walking buddies Anna and Bella these days! Freed me up afterwards for a visit to the Larchmont Farmer’s Market with Abe – who usually is on dog duty while I shop/eat. Filled up on tons of