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A Quick Trip to the Islands


Look who’s been whipped


….Miss Melanie!!!!


I always love to hear people’s reactions when I ask if they want to get Dolewhipped.


This time I opted for Shaved Ice. They put a little frozen pineapple custard in the bottom…


…add a bunny hill on top…


…and pour on the syrup! I got a mixture of half Coconut, half Tiger’s Blood (strawberry/lime/coconut).

IMG_3836 IMG_3837

With yogurt chips…


…and a Dolewhip hat.



Mmmm! Just like a trip to Hawaii!


Back home, I was reminded I’m still in California.


Love that we can get 3 pints for $5 year-round here!


I followed the berries up with a cup of miso and the heel of some leftover bread.



Speaking of The Aloha State, I’ve got two movies playing at the film festival this year! Yes We’re Open and Daylight Savings will both show at the Dole Cannery theaters in October. (Hmmm, I wonder if they’ll sell Dolewhip there?!?)

Film Friends-y

film festivals - movies

Film Festival-ing is so much fun! Always surrounded by people you know and love. I realized it’s a lot like senior year of college, when you finally get to see everyone’s thesis projects.


Yesterday we went to support Knots, directed by Mike, written by/starring Kim, with more of our buddies – Sung, Mia, and Sammy!


After three of my own screenings back-to-back on Saturday, it was nice to just sit back as an audience member and enjoy the show!



IMG_9789 IMG_9791

I tweeted that there would be no more Korean Fried Chicken yesterday, but obviously I was wrong!


Look who else was at the festival…


Fluff Ice didn’t have their usual toppings, but Abe and I both enjoyed a cup of Shaved Ice. (He took Strawberry, I had the Mango.)


A quick stop home to feed Julius dinner, then I was off to see our pal H.P.’s movie, I Am A Ghost.


Cannot get over how talented H.P. Mendoza is. The same guy who came up with this

…wrote/directed this!!!

My final event of the evening was my own – the last Daylight Savings Q&A at LAAPFF

…and this time I was surrounded by friends of my own, which felt incredible.


Thanks to Cate taking the above Q&A photo, plus Patrick for snapping the one of me with Tamlyn + Teresa. Also, thanks to all of YOU who came to the screenings this weekend – I was so touched to meet blog readers!

Snow Monkey


I was asked to be interviewed for “MashBox,” a brand new show on MYX TV. Our shoot took place in the Westfield Topanga Mall, underneath the smoke monster

…past the classiest carousel I’ve seen in a while…

…not at Pinkberry…

…but another frozen dessert stand, Snow Monkey!

This is Mark Manguera’s (Kogi Taco Truck) and Richard Hong’s (Sorabal Restaurant Group) newest venture. You know how I’m all about the shaved ice, so I was psyched it was actually hot enough today to enjoy some.

That’s not paparazzi….

…just the camera crew capturing me doing my thing!

After being interviewed, we got to eat! Started off with some Strawberry Popping Boba shots…

…then filled up on Taro-flavored snow…

…with carob chips, sweetened red beans, Fruity Pebbles…

…and peaches…

…in honor of the show’s host, Peachies!

Her’s was strawberry snow, with boba, mochi, cereal, and Chocolate Pocky. We traded bites on-camera.

The segment will air on MYX TV late May. Thanks Snow Monkey for letting us shoot there and for feeding us a yummy treat too!

*UPDATE* Here’s the interview!

Snow Monkey Ice (Westfield Topanga Mall) on Urbanspoon