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#AsianDessertHeritage Month

May is APA Heritage Month.  Or is it API Heritage Month?  Well, whatever it is, I decided we should celebrate with desserts.  #AsianDessertHeritageMonth Abe has been tied up in Brother Orange World, so it’s been a while since he and I have made a BuzzFeed video together!  We decided to find out which Asian country made the best desserts.  I turned to social

A Quick Trip to the Islands

Look who’s been whipped… ….Miss Melanie!!!! I always love to hear people’s reactions when I ask if they want to get Dolewhipped. This time I opted for Shaved Ice. They put a little frozen pineapple custard in the bottom… …add a bunny hill on top… …and pour on the syrup! I got a mixture of half Coconut, half Tiger’s Blood

Film Friends-y

IMG_9774 Yesterday we went to see ” Knots ,” directed by Mike , written by/starring Kim, with more of our buddies – Sung, Mia, and Sammy! … (He took Strawberry, I had the Mango.) IMG_9796 A quick stop home to feed Julius dinner, then I was off to see our pal H.P.’s movie, “I Am A Ghost!”