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Primo’s Donuts

National Donut Day is Friday! I stopped by Primo’s Donuts on Sawtelle for an early celebration. This is one of the oldest mom-and-pop shops in LA; Ralph Primo Jr. himself was there to gift me with a box… …and meet the entire family. The story of how they got started 59 years ago is (do)NUTS!  This short film is by Rich Wafer.

Gjusta Bakery

I am a fan of both Gjelina and Gjelina Take Away – but I feel like my soulmate is Gjusta. Hi, pie… …and pork… …no sandwiches to go for me, but I did purchase a couple slices of this Chocolate Chess Pie… …along with Almond Sugar Cookies, Buckwheat Chia Banana Bread, Blueberry Scones – Valentine’s Day gift boxes received with