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Happy S’mores Day

I love ’em. If there’s anything I’ve learned from blogging, it’s that anything can be made better by making a s’more-ifying them: Cookies (Version 1 and 2) Cupcakes and Cakes Brownies Scones Water Ice Yogurt Ice Cream Sandwiches Protein Bars Cereal  Pot de Creme Deconstructed – here’s a Zen and Vegan Version. Funny…as many s’mores-inspired desserts as I’ve eaten in the last

Primo’s Donuts

National Donut Day is Friday! I stopped by Primo’s Donuts on Sawtelle for an early celebration. This is one of the oldest mom-and-pop shops in LA; Ralph Primo Jr. himself was there to gift me with a box… …and meet the entire family. The story of how they got started 59 years ago is (do)NUTS!  This short film is by Rich Wafer.