February 11, 2014

From the people who brought you Chipotle, comes ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen. No burritos, just bowls. You can do halfsies! I went 1/2 Brown Rice, 1/2 salad… …1/2 chicken, 1/2 meatballs… …mostly string beans and a little broccoli… …plus Tamarind Vinaigrette (FYI the curries are not vegetarian – they have fish sauce), Green Papaya Slaw, […]

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January 26, 2014

Been spending the last few days driving to/from La Puente. Not exactly around the corner from me. I will tell you there’s a drive-thru donut place there. Literally. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to actually order/eat any – there was hard work to be done! I’m reunited with some Nice Girls Crew peeps on this […]

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BK Nation

September 23, 2013

Greek Chicken-free Salad tastes even better the next day… …with these Bean and Rice Chips. I had about 6 of them with my bowl. Now I’m going to eat half a melon and take a nap.  This back healing thing is coming along frustratingly slowly – two steps forward, four steps back.  But there are […]

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September 13, 2013

I actually discovered Hamasaku from a fried chicken sandwich at the LA Food and Wine Festival; they invited me in to try their sushi. Known back in the day for fusion rolls named after celebrities (some of which are still available), they are now getting attention for their Omakase, something I’ve been wanting to experience […]

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Bibigo to Go

September 5, 2013

Melon breakfast, mall lunch… …I’ve had a Bibigo Gift Card sitting in my wallet for a few months – was happy to spot one in Century City after a little shopping! This is a food court, so it’s obviously not as fancy as the sit-down version in Beverly Hills… …still, I was impressed with the superb service, […]

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