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Peking Duck in Taichung City

After a spiritual experience for our minds/souls… Back in LA. Can’t believe this was yesterday. Post over @actorsdiet 👌 A photo posted by Lynn Chen (@mslynnchen) on Jul 22, 2015 at 8:17am PDT …we got a spiritual experience for our bodies at 928 Goldmine in Taichung City. This wasn’t my first time getting a Foot Massage, but it was for

Get in My Buddha’s Belly

My friend Cindy is married to the writer Ed Lin.  Abe’s been reading his novel Ghost Month, and has been obsessed with a fruit mentioned in the book, the Atemoya.  When I mentioned trying to find one to our tour guide, she informed me we already one ripening on the bus! Enjoyed en route from 85 Sky Tower to a nearby Buddhist