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We’ve got sunshine and flowers!!!


Still no appetite though :(


I had half a ‘loupe around noon and began packing for my next trip …


… around 2:30 hunger struck! Melon works every time.

I still had a buncha leftover Burning O Jerky


Since it has lemongrass and fish sauce, I thought it might make a good summer roll filling?!?


With spinach (rolling tutorial can be viewed here)



So weird that this worked. I didn’t even need any dipping sauce, there was plenty of flavor just from the jerky…


…which left my mouth BURNING!!!

I kept shoving things in my mouth to cool down.


The spiciness finally subsided when I reached the gum.


Felt a little masochistic watching this episode of “Meat and Potatoes” while eating.


It featured a restaurant in Philadelphia though, which is next on my travels. Don’t know if I’ll be visiting it; I don’t know if I can handle that level of heat. Do people have any other restaurant suggestions (in the NYC area too)???

Girl’s Gone Wild

acting - lunch

When you start planting a bunch of seeds they grow and grow…


…and can’t be contained!!!


This time of year is usually crazy because of TV auditions, but I’ve actually been having my slowest pilot season ever. This is the first time I’ve begun creating my own work, rather than waiting for permission to be creative.   All the various projects I’ve been waiting to sprout are finally beginning to bloom – ALL AT ONCE!!! Along with the new blog (launching by the end of the month), the short film I’m shooting with Abe, and prepping for Surrogate Valentine’s festival tours, Christy and I are beginning development on a new feature project.

We met this morning for a few hours, fueled by Raw Energy.


I had half of each flavor, with some decaf green tea


For lunch I whipped out the rice paper wrappers again and filled them with baby spinach + leftover tuna/salsa


The first one rolled beautifully (check out my technique here)


The second one was filled with all the remnants, so it had a harder time staying together


Pair + Pear…


…and paring down – since there is so much going on, I’ve been purposefully keeping the kitchen stocked as low as possible with the fresh stuff. Usually a full fridge is comforting, but when things get busy, I find it overwhelming to have a bunch of food, sitting uneaten. I often need to go out to eat for business meetings/to get work done at a cafe, and the idea of having leftovers at home brings up a lot of guilt. For me, guilt + food = obsession. No thank you!

When you’ve got a lot going on, how do you tend to eat?

Who’s the Laziest of Them All?

dinner - gluten free

I’ve been wanting to use up my stash of rice paper for a while, but have been too lazy to make the spring rolls I originally bought them for.

Then, I noticed that these…


…are the same size as this


Immediately, I thought casserole. Asian casserole! A coconut curry sauce? Layers of bean sprouts and tofu? But I didn’t have any ingredients on hand for that.

Here’s what I did have


Giada’s pasta sauce from Target


I followed my recipe for lazy lasagna, using a package of frozen spinach (pressed), 3 TB egg whites, 1 tsp. salt, and 1 whole tub of cottage cheese


Layer as usual – sauce, rice paper…


…spinach mixture, rice paper…


…all the way to the top (5 pieces) with a sprinkle of parm cheese


45 minutes at 375 (covered with foil for the first half hour) – let cool for 10 before cutting


“Laziest Lasagna”


As you can see, it’s not really layers, more of a blob. In fact, you can’t really taste the rice paper at all – it sorta melts into the rest of the casserole, and adds a nice gooey texture. If you’re gluten-free and miss lasagna, try this – both Abe and I really liked it!


Giada's marinara, by the way, is delicious.

I followed dinner with more gluten-free goodies


Frozen fruit because I was too lazy to wash and chop anything fresh


What should I do with the rest of those rice paper wrappers? Other than spring rolls (or lasagna)?!?