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Trader Joe’s Cranberry Almond Grain Medley

Remember when Abe and I had our little disagreement over the definition of a salad?  He now happily calls things without lettuce “salads” – though for some reason, Trader Joe’s calls them a “Medley.” (I think this is their way of tricking people into eating salads.) I did wind up adding some green – chopped up parsley.  Herb-A-Licious.  I love

Recipe Inspiration: Cafe Gratitude’s Macrobiotic Bowl

Dine LA (our city’s restaurant week) ends on Sunday; Cafe Gratitude’s menu looks wonderful, but I can never seem to resist this dish…. …their Macrobiotic entree (aka “I Am Whole”).  Abe got his usual, a veggie burger – which was good too – but I’m going to focus in on this bowl… …Sea Veggies, Garnet Yams, Adzuki Beans, Sauteed Kale, Housemade

Found a Peanut

…actually, I found a whole BOXFUL on my doorstep! A nice, salty gift from Mr. Peanut… …with some sweetness. Of course, I had to #PutaPeanutOnIt… …Brussels Sprouts, Dates, Hummus Dressing (a.k.a. Sabra thinned out with lemon juice/water). Also added a handful to TJ’s Pesto/Quinoa and Tomatoes for another dinner salad. Thanks, Planters!