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Cake and Family

Happy New Year!!!!  Been spending the last few days with family, which means a ton of take-out meals… …and cake! This is my cousin Kristine Kidd’s Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cheesecake. (The recipe is in her new cookbook.) 21 of us gathered for a New Year’s Eve Celebration at Canal Club… …where both Aunt Heidi and I also celebrated our birthdays. (Chocolate +

Recipe: Kabocha Tomato Soup

While we were at the Joshua Tree Rental, I whipped up this magic dish that lasted for several meals… …from sundown… …to sunrise… The spices are actually a mystery – I used a curry powder that was so hot I’m wondering if it may have been mislabeled (I saw what was clearly Star Anise in another jar marked “curry”) –

Pono Burger

Pono Burger has been on my radar since it opened last year; I was invited for a hosted lunch, to see what Chef Makani Gerardi (of Hawaii’s Ultimate Burger) did with the Santa Monica Space… …housed in a Quanset Hut from World War II. They’ve got a Wood-Fire Grill… …where all their burgers are cooked. The Paniolo – English Smoked Cheddar, Niman Ranch