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Grain Lab

In my experience, there’s two types of Burbanks – the retro/funky kind with restaurants like The Tallyrand and fun thrift shopping, and the massive strip malls that feel like Anytown, USA.  I visited the latter, and was surprised to find this gem amongst the giant chain stores. Grain Lab Deli/Kitchen has been open for 2 years – when they invited me

M Street Kitchen

I haven’t been to M Street Kitchen in so long, the last time I was here it was called La Grande Orange! It’s related (and attached) to my favorite Santa Monica Pizzeria – since then, we got our own Stella Barra in Hollywood – and I’ve become friends with the chef! I texted Jeff Mahin to make sure he was

M.B. Post

For the last few years, every time I’ve met somebody from Manhattan Beach, I’ll pick their brain about M.B. Post… …known as one of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants – but since it’s not exactly around the corner from me, I couldn’t bring myself to drive down “just to see” – until they lured me with an invitation. I met David