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Jumping all around town – with a stop at home to eat! Baby Spinach, Chopped Parsley, Cherry Tomato, Sweet Potato, Hummus… …and a drizzle of Balsamic Glaze. Before acting class – a Pumpkin Pie Blondie… …paired with a pear and miso… …and an apres-class snack. Microwave-popped, with Smoked Sea Salt.

Umami Los Feliz

We went to see Enough Said yesterday. LOVED. I munched on a few handfuls of popcorn at The Arclight… …and a big apple on the ride back home. Later in the evening, Abe and I went out… …my camera couldn’t capture the sign, but this is Umami Burger. My beloved. It’s been far too long. Our first time at the