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Good Ol’ Freda

We went to see Good Ol’ Freda yesterday… …my first time getting carded at The Sundance Theater! Apparently this is why. Abe did not have any booze, but he did have this tiny popcorn. I had neither, just the usual back home, while watching Breaking Bad and Miss America (<—click to read my Thick Dumpling Skin post). Speaking of movie

Books Shelved

Now that we’re a one-car family, I’ve found myself killing time in random places. Like IKEA, where I surrounded myself with furniture and food. (Anyone know if these are any good???) Satisfied from a melon breakfast so I resisted the call of their $1 FroYo cones, but we did stop at In-N-Out afterwards for a burger and a few fries.

Afternoon Delight

When I was a kid, I’d watch films over and over, but now I rarely see them more than once – and hardly ever in the theater, let alone in the same week… …Afternoon Delight was so delightful, I took Christy to The Landmark for a matinee screening on Friday, even though Abe and I went last weekend! Brought along