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85 Sky Tower, Pier 2, and Pasadena

From the title of this post, it sounds like I’m writing about some place in Los Angeles but in fact I’m still writing about Kaohsiung, Taiwan! 85 Sky Tower was one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at.  Look at the view from our corner room! Our bus driver (lovingly nicknamed Watermelon Peel) drove us to the nearby Pier 2

Pies Around the World for BuzzFeed

When you think of pie, is this what you think of?  A fruit-filled pastry, like the Apple Crumble at The Pie Hole? Or is it savory, like these Australian Meat Pies from Coffee + Food? Abe and I decided to tackle pies in our latest BuzzFeed video – we did sandwiches, we did noodles…and as I learned in this video,