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Pies Around the World for BuzzFeed

When you think of pie, is this what you think of?  A fruit-filled pastry, like the Apple Crumble at The Pie Hole? Or is it savory, like these Australian Meat Pies from Coffee + Food? Abe and I decided to tackle pies in our latest BuzzFeed video – we did sandwiches, we did noodles…and as I learned in this video,

The ABC’s of Pizza

Abe and I have been filming our latest video for BuzzFeed – #WorldofPie.  One of our last stops was Stella Barra… …where I snuck into their kitchen to find out how they make their delicious pizza… …and this magical crust. Here’s that video… …the BuzzFeed one will be up soon!  Maybe next time, I can do a proper shoot with Chef Jeff