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I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly

…well, technically, it’s jam… …The Greatest Jam Known to Humankind! Amy picked up this jar for me from Proof Canteen in Arizona; initially, I envisioned myself spreading some on a bagel with cream cheese, adding a layer of sweetness in grilled cheese, or making the world’s MOST EPIC Carrot Cake with it… …but to be honest, the stuff loves yogurt/granola.

Recipe: The Last Man on Earth Balls

Here are the treats inspired by The Last Man on Earth!  I didn’t have any raisins, just currants. I found that the “dough” wouldn’t stick together easily, so I scooped them into muffin cups first, put them in the fridge… …then squeezed them into shape after they were nice n cold. Even though raisin balls are supposed to be a