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Podcast 51 – Amelia Morris

For the 51st episode of The Actor’s Diet Podcast, I interview Amelia Morris, the writer behind the award-winning Bon Appetempt! Amelia and I began our blogs around the same time, and I’ve been friends with her virtually for years.  In this episode we get together and discuss: Amelia’s PBS Digital Studios Series and latest book Amelia’s husband Matt and his juice

Pulling Mussels with Rachelle

Actually, that is not true.  No mussels were eaten, just oysters. But I couldn’t resist because I’m a dork. Rachelle and I were invited to Blue Plate Oysterette for lunch, where she did pull seafood from the shell… …Shibumi and Shigoku Oysters from Washington. Also super fresh n raw – an Ahi Poke, new on their Spring Menu… …along with