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Brother Orange is the New Black

Abe is back from China…or is he? He hasn’t eaten his go-to breakfast of yogurt/Peanut Butter since he was in Meizhou… …there are Chinese snacks in the house (yes he’s still a vegetarian)… …and lots of reminders of Brother Orange! He’s been working nonstop on the trailer for the movie, and here it is (<—you may need to watch it on Facebook).

An Evening at Eveleigh

Christy and I have a tradition of celebrating our birthdays when it’s not our birthdays.  We actually met up on Abe’s special day, while he was in China, on the gorgeous back patio at Eveleigh. You have to order this bread/butter off the menu, but it’s worth every bite! We also shared a Pickle Plate… …Chilled Broccolini and Tokyo Turnips…