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National Spinach Day

Hi, I’m a dork. While other food bloggers plan posts around popular food holidays like Pie, Waffles, and Hamburgers, I get excited about NATIONAL SPINACH DAY. I may actually be more into Spinach than any other food, melons included.  Because to be honest, I don’t like melon smoothies or melon wrapped in prosciutto or even melon cake/ice cream.  I want

Oliver’s Prime Steakhouse

Abe and I were invited to the Sunset Strip… …inside the Grafton Hotel to check out the new Oliver’s Prime Steakhouse. We munched on hot, homemade pretzel rolls while looking over the menu (which glowed in the dark)… …of course there’s plenty of meat… …but since I was eating with this guy, we decided to share a bunch of vegetarian

The Nutcracker

Christmas is coming Christmas is coming! It’s taking every bit of restraint in me not to buy every single thing at Target right now. Along with our first live tree, we just got our first set of stockings! Two snack foods I associate with The Holidays – Mandarin Oranges (these are Satsumas)… …and whole nuts. I wish I had the