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Greenlite Meals

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Abe and I have been going through the Greenlite Meals and here are some of our thoughts. The entrees are tasty, but definitely require additional seasoning. The Southwest Salad got sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt


Maple Orange Tofu/Quinoa/Veggies were doused in Soy Sauce and Sriracha…


…and the Strawberry Coconut Oatmeal was drizzled with Liquid Stevia.


In general, the veggies taste like other frozen veggies, which is to say – fine, but not as good as fresh ones.  And sometimes, things went awry.  This, for example, was their BBQ Nut Loaf which disintegrated in the microwave, so I spooned it on Kings Hawaiian Rolls and called them “Vegan Sloppy Joes.”


Products worth a try – Fruit Bars, Raw Fruit and Nut Balls


…and the Carrot Cake Smoothie, which was ginormous.


The only two truly disappointing things have been their protein cookie (tasted like a mushy, bland protein bar from the early 90’s) and this granola. It’s so crumbly you can’t snack on it alone (like I’ve been doing with La Brea Bakery’s version) – I added it to an almost-empty PB jar with cottage cheese and detected a slightly burnt flavor.


In general, I would avoid ordering the snacks like raw almonds/trail mix since you can just buy those on your own for a lot less.  Greenlite Meals would be a good option for someone who’s vegan and doesn’t have the time to meal plan/cook – and also for those watching their sodium/sugar intake.



What’s New Pussycat

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Life lately – riding the auditioning roller coaster with both hands up in the air. Have been rereading The Working Actress blog, which makes me feel inspired, calm, and surprisingly sane…


The Open Sky Fitness Podcast! Hosted by my friends Rob, Alek, and Jeff (<—Christy’s husband) – I don’t even like working out and I love listening to this! (I’m pretty sure I’m the one they refer to in this episode as “a friend who doesn’t like to sweat.”)

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Mark Bittman’s Coconut Carrot Ginger Soup that Abe made a few weeks ago. It was delicious, but the ginger chunks (when pureed) left an unpleasant, stringy texture. I’ve had it stashed in the freezer, waiting for an answer to this dilemma, and BAM – it came to me – push the soup through a fine mesh sieve. Am happy to report it was smooth as silk!


Breakfast meetings. I like being productive first thing in the morning.


(Alcove above, La Brea Bakery below.)


Wonderful entertainment – Book of Mormon on Saturday, The Lego Movie on Sunday.


Thanks to everyone who’s been letting me know you’ve seen my Subway ad all around the country! Fellow food blogger Zach texted me this photo of the 30 second spot where I actually eat the Fritos Chcken Enchilada Melt.  Please note the perfect hand-and-mouth-sandwich-execution.